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Jazreel Tan (25 years old) who was appointed as the Incheon Asian Games (IAG) Goodwill Ambassador during the Asian Games Road Show that was held in Singapore on Sept. 26, 2013 took time off her busy training schedule to meet up with our IAG Reporter Zaher Wahab to share her thoughts about the upcoming 2014 Incheon Asian Games.

Her appointment as the IAG Goodwill Ambassador is also a testament of the close ties that Singapore and South Korea share in many areas including sports. Here is what transpired during the interview.

Q1: What is your personal target for this 17th Asian Games?

A: I am going for at least one medal – the Team Gold for Bowling. With tough competition from the South Koreans and Malaysians, it would be a good challenge and definitely memorable to win to the Team Gold. We have been training hard and we never give up!

Q2: How has your appointment as the Goodwill Ambassador of the 17th Incheon Asian Games affected you (in your personal or sporting life)?

A: To be honest, it has not affected me much. I have continued to train and work hard. In fact, as we approach the Games, gym and training sessions have been stepped up to keep us in optimal conditions to vie for the medals on offer. I believe in the motto of the IAG which is Diversity Shines Here from all around Asia. This is what is bringing us together in Incheon, South Korea on September 2014.

Q3: Who or what is the biggest motivation in your life?

A: My family, especially my parents have been my life’s biggest motivation. They have invested so much in my training and they have supported me throughout the process. I have been blessed with a supportive family that had been with me all the way!

Note: An alumnus of Singapore Sports’ School Jazreel was the recipient of a Singapore Sports Council (SSC) Scholarship which enabled her to study at Wichita State University. This enabled her to pursue her degree and bowl competitively in the United States of America.

Q4: What message do you have for your fans that have supported you all this time?

A: I want to thank them for their support and I hope they will continue to cheer for us all the way during the Incheon Asian Games.

At the end of the short interview, Jazreel wanted to share the following with the fans with the underlying message of never giving up.

We thank Jazreel Tan for taking the time for this interview.

Tune into the exciting world of bowling competition coming your way soon in 2014 Incheon Asian Games!

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Jazreel Tan

It is a huge honour to be donning the colours of Singapore, a country I call home.